First, we should tell you that without an expert Realtor and Loan Officer, your chances of getting an offer accepted today are lower. The number one reason to hire the Furlong Team at SWBC Mortgage is our reputation to deliver. Realtors know we close on time, financing issues are non-existent, and they generally like us.

We recommend some/all of the following tactics for your next offer:

  1. Closing date: always use “On or before” and let the seller determine closing date
  2. Closing timeframe: 30 days or less is possible if required for us to get the house
  3. Written statement: due within 3 weeks of offer acceptance or at least a week prior to closing
  4. Increase earnest money to down payment amount or significantly higher than $1,000/$2,000
  5. Have you considered non-refundable earnest money?
  6. Increase down payment to at least 10% or more if client qualifies with a higher amount
  7. Please send me listing agent’s contact information when the offer is submitted
  8. Send me a copy of the offer
  9. Asterisk clause on appraised value – discuss options with me
  10. Escalation clause on purchase price?
  11. Leave your offer on the table as back up offer if not selected
  12. Rent back option to seller
  13. Close within 18 days- we need to have an underwriting approval first! See our Certified Home Buyer program details here: