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Unfreezing Your Credit Report

Frozen credit should be “unfrozen” before you submit a loan application. This can be done easily online: Experian: https://www.experian.com/freeze/center.html Equifax: https://www.equifax.com/personal/credit-report-services/credit-freeze/ Transunion: https://www.transunion.com/credit-freeze   or by calling the three credit repositories here: Experian: 888-397-3742 Equifax: 888-298-0045 Transunion: 888-909-8872  

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Mortgage Underwriting Tidbits

Mortgage programs are becoming more flexible for different scenarios.  Although guidelines are strict and offer little variance from the rules, at least we are starting to see rule changes.  Some of these may help you get approved for a loan when you couldn’t before.  Others might present obstacles.  Let’s take a look at a few […]

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FHA Streamline 203(k)

The Furlong Team is pleased to offer the FHA Streamline 203(k). A few quick things to know about 203(k): Find your contractor early. They need to be licensed and should be organized with their paperwork! Repairs should not require large structural changes. The timeline for closing is longer than standard mortgage programs. The underwriting process […]