About Our Team

Meet the Furlong Team at SWBC Mortgage

SWBC Mortgage gives you access to mortgage loan experts and our innovative TurnKey® application platform, we have the right combination of guidance, expertise, and convenience to make the home loan process simple and easy. Your home is the place where you build memories, where you build a legacy. But we know that the mortgage process can be overwhelming so that’s why SWBC Mortgage makes you the priority.

The Furlong Team at SWBC Mortgage applies mutual knowledge, resources, and company technology to ultimately create a great experience for our clients.

With SWBC Mortgage, we’ve been through the recession. We’ve dealt with extensive changes in state and federal legislation. We know how intimidating buying a house can be, because we’ve helped our clients through tough years.

Our competitive programs are customizable for every home buyer’s mortgage needs. We come highly recommended by our past clients, Realtors, attorneys, and title companies. Over the years, we have won many awards that highlight our dedication to the mortgage industry.

As mortgage specialists serving all of Minnesota, we have helped hundreds of clients find the right mortgage for them. Be our next success story!

Why Choose Us?

The process can be 100% digital to 100% in-person, or anywhere in between.

You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way, which means less stress and anxiety. Throughout the entire purchasing process, we promise to keep you completely informed. You will receive the on-time, accurate results you expect. From our initial mortgage application consultation through the closing date and beyond. And 24 hour access to your loan file digitally!

We work for our clients and in their interest, period. We work for you, not for the banks. We’ll make sure we find the best possible loan for you and for your needs. We make the mortgage process transparent by providing you with continuous updates. Our business is to help our clients become homeowners, and to keep everyone on the same page while doing so.

We’ll help to get your offer accepted. Choosing the right lender can be the key to getting your offer accepted. We communicate with listing agents about the approval letter. The Furlong Team will confirm closing times and provide confidence in the offer, making sellers more likely to accept it.